It’s a common scenario.

You are out enjoying your run or about to get a new training PR and the next thing you know you look down and those shoelaces have come undone yet again! Frustrating! Thankfully there is something really simple you can do about it – tie them properly.

Most of us learned how to tie our shoes at a young age and likely have thought nothing of it since then. It’s automatic. But if you are doing it wrong you will notice it as a runner.

The Problem

Most people tie an unbalanced knot which is known as a granny knot.

A granny knot is the most common reason for shoelaces to come undone. It is caused when the starting knot and finishing bow don’t balance each other. If your shoelaces are angled across your shoe or even perpendicular you have a granny knot.

You want to tie a balanced knot also known as a reef knot. A reef knot will not come undone when properly tied. This knot will sit sideways across the shoe, and even tightens when you are underway rather than working itself loose. As an added bonus, it looks better than a granny knot.


The Fix

So how do you tie a balanced reef knot instead of a granny? Quite simple actually.

In fact, you only have to change one step of your shoe tying process for trouble free running! Watch the video below and I will show you how.