AlexiPappasAlexi Pappas has not been one to do things conventionally, and perhaps that is why she has enjoyed success despite not following the “blueprint” for becoming a top runner.

In college she crisscrossed the country from her home in California to Dartmouth in New Hampshire, back to California for a break away from school, back to Dartmouth and then one year at the University of Oregon for a 5th year of eligibility where she helped her team clinch the NCAA cross-country and indoor team championships.

Along the way she became a two-time NCAA all-American and one of nine finalists for the 2012 NCAA Woman of the Year award and an RRCA Road Scholar.

Today she remains in Oregon where she is a member of the Nike Oregon Track Club Elite Team.

While many runners focus only on running, she leads a balanced life as a runner with time being spent as a performer-writer-filmmaker in which she has co-written a film that has received critical acclaim by a number of international film festivals.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll discover:

  • How her father inspired her to start running at age 8
  • How to contribute to a group at a higher athletic ability than you
  • Finding your strengths and exploiting them
  • How she keeps a smile on her face when things hurt – and how you can too
  • The importance of taking in the moment and the crowd at your races
  • Why not obsessing over your running will allow you to increase your focus when it matters most
  • How finding happiness outside of running will allow your running to flourish
  • Wisdom from her collegiate and professional coaches
  • The process of finding the distance you are strongest at
  • How to “be brave” and take smart risks in races
  • The concept of anticipating discomfort in races before it comes, and how handle when it arrives

Quick Tip

How to overcome “the voice” inside your head telling you to stop or slow down.

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