OneRunforBostonBlogAfter the tragic events at last year’s Boston Marathon, the running community has responded in endless ways.

One of those ways is the One Run For Boston Relay across America.

One Run For Boston was set up by three British runners Danny Bent, Kate Trelevan and Jamie Hay who wanted to show their support for those impacted by the bombings.

They took massive action and on June 7th last year the first relay stepped off from Los Angeles and on July 1st, One Run For Boston made running history by becoming the first ever non-stop relay to run across America from Los Angeles to Boston.

Over 2,000 runners helped complete the 3,300 mile journey. They raised $91,000 for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and an inspirational running community was born.

They had no idea if the relay would work, let alone take off in the extraordinary way that it did. It became a symbol of hope and positivity that inspired a powerful grassroots movement that continues to unite the running community.

The organizing trio are gearing up for their second relay across America starting March 16th in California and finishing in Boston on April 13th just ahead of the Boston Marathon with a goal of raising $1 million for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

The event organizers share their story of how this event came to be including:

  • How a trip to the pub led to the trio coming together
  • The idea behind staging a cross country relay in a foreign country
  • The emotions and fears of if it would work
  • Incredible stories of generosity and participation from all walks of life
  • Plans for the 2nd running of this event and how you can get involved

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