matt-fitzgerald2Matt Fitzgerald is a top endurance sports writer, coach, nutritionist, runner and triathlete.

His work appears regularly in publications such as Competitor, Runner’s World, and Triathlete and he has authored books on endurance nutrition, including Performance Nutrition for Runners and Racing Weight.

Matt joins us as the first repeat guest on Runner Academy Podcast to talk with us about staying motivated for your winter running following an excellent lecture he gave to a packed house at Fleet Feet Chicago.

In this episode Matt and I have a lively conversation around his top 12 actionable winter running tips for staying motivated including with in depth discussion on:

  • Choosing a goal that excites you
  • How to embrace the suck
  • Anything is better than nothing
  • Adding variety to your training
  • Doing things your way
  • Group vs. Individual training
  • Draw motivation from inspiration
  • Try something new
  • Tracking your progress
  • Public accountability
  • Taking advantage of the power of music
  • Buying something new and the boost that can have on your running

He also offers a different perspective in which to think about your training during the cold, dark winter months along with his true thoughts on treadmills and his favorite measuring stick workout to monitor your progress.

We also take some time to discuss his new book, The Racing Weight Cookbook which has receipes for runners of all cooking abilities – including those that consider the microwave as “cooking.”

Quick Tip

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Links Mentioned in the Show

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– Matt’s website
The Racing Weight Cookbook – Matt’s new cookbook for runners
Fuel My Run App – Apple App Store


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