MattElliottHave you ever thought you could be a better runner if you just had more time to train?

Maximizing your potential as a runner and working a full time job don’t have to be opposing forces in your life.

Matt Elliott has become one of the most inspirational stories in running this year. In high school Matt was a 16:59 5K runner and a 4:42 miler, good, but common among many at that age.

He attended a college with a cross country team but no track team. While in college, he never competed in an NCAA final.  He ran cross country meets in trail running shoes thinking it would give him better traction. He had never heard of spikes.

Despite this, Matt Elliot has made a statement this year running for 4th place at the 2013 USA national championship men’s 1500m final blowing past 7 runners in the final lap including Will Leer and some of the well known top American milers and missed qualifying for the world championships in Moscow by a split second.

At the time of our interview he is ranked 51st in the world in the 1500m with a PR of 3:36 making him truly a world class runner.

But perhaps what is more impressive is how he is accomplishing all of this. Matt is not a full time runner with large elite running sponsorships and resources at his disposal. He’s like everybody else – working full time while pursuing his running goals.

He works full time as a Kindergarten through 3rd grade teacher of abused, abandoned and neglected children at the Palmetto School and volunteers outside of school in addition to his training.

Matt shares what he has learned over the course of his career that can help you with your own running including:

  • The one common thread from his first race through today that is a key contributor to his success
  • Facing the decision of pursuing athletics beyond the collegiate level
  • Overcoming performance barriers that seem impossible to conquer
  • One change to his training approach that he credits for getting to the next level
  • The importance of focusing the basics and specificity in your training
  • Moving on and not allowing disappointing past performances define your running
  • Staying motivated week in week out when things get monotonous and goals far in the distance
  • A different way to view your training
  • How the doing the little things consistently truly add up
  • His strategy for running the fastest mile you are capable of

We also talk about his incredible journey including:

  • What it has been like to watch elite runners on TV, and now to be running with them
  • The reaction of his competitors on his entrance into elite competition at this stage of his life
  • His experience running full time vs. working full time and running
  • How he has built confidence that he belongs with the best aside from his race results
  • How to balance working full time with training hard
  • How to maintain balance with so many demands for your time
  • The level of commitment and investment he makes into his training
  • His goals for the future

In all, you’ll get a true perspective and look inside the mind of an elite athlete training and competing at the highest level with many lessons you can bring to your own training approach.

Matt also gives us a personal recount of his finish at the USA Men’s 1500m Final this past summer that has proven he has world class ability.

Quick Tip

How to evaluate your race performance and translate that into your future training efforts.

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