Fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich has been Hollywood’s go-to guy for celebrities, athletes and everyday people for over 22 years.

His America’s Angriest Trainer podcast reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners, who tune in weekly for his R-rated diet and fitness advice as well as his epic rants.  He’s also the author of Fitness Confidential a best seller on Amazon since being released earlier this year.

At times controversial, and definitely outspoken, Vinnie is a proponent of a no sugars no grains lifestyle and follows it himself in fueling his own endurance events.

One of the core reasons Vinnie is a proponent of this type of diet for runners and other endurance athletes is the ability to become fat adapted. By using fat as a fuel source over sugars and carbs you can go longer, potentially avoid the wall in a marathon and stear clear of GI issues that can accompany sugar based fuel sources.

In this episode Vinnie and I explore the No Sugars No Grains eating style including:

  • What a no sugars no grains diet consists of
  • How it differs from Atkins, Paleo and other popular eating styles
  • How a no sugars no grains diet can compliment plant powered diets
  • Why juice isn’t actually as healthy as it may seem
  • How it can help you lose weight if you have struggled to do so through running alone
  • What it means for those that are of a healthy weight

We also cover specific topics for endurance athletes including:

  • How to fuel your body in a race such as a marathon following a no sugar no grain diet
  • In-race fueling products that are alternatives to traditional sugar based products such as GU
  • What to expect if you decide to partially or fully follow this eating style
  • When to make a change and when not to make a change in your training cycle

I also challenge Vinnie on this type of diet being right for runners, how runners can make sense of top scientists in the world getting behind it with others disagreeing and how to decide if it is right for you to try.

Quick Tip

I’ll share common causes for GI issues during your training and racing along with ways to try to recover if things get painful.

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PPNSNG Facebook Group – Plant Powered No Sugar No Grains group on Facebook
Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It – Gary Taubes – Recommended additional reading
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