Gerard Pearlberg “Coach GP” is a no nonsense kind of guy often referring to his running and coaching style as “blue collar.” His mission is to help ordinary runners do extraordinary things.

Through his own hard work and dedication to the sport he improved his marathon time by over two hours in an 8 year period from 4:41:05 to 2:34:43, developed a career in helping others achieve their running goals and became a published author on running bio mechanics with his book Run Tall, Run Easy.

Among his accomplishments as a runner he ran 2:34:43 in the 1998 Napa Valley Marathon and a 4:21 mile at the Capital Mile in Sacramento at age 35.

Along the way he has coached several world-class runners, including an Olympic marathoner and trialist. In 2008, he achieved Masters All American status in the 1500 and the mile and has been ranked as a top 15 master in the U.S.A. at both of these distances.

Today he is a top mind in running bio mechanics, a USATF certified coach and he also speaks, emcees and broadcasts races throughout the country inspiring runners in the final hours before the start.

In this episode you’ll learn how his running career almost didn’t happen. After doing various sales jobs in his early 20s he shares his story of trying to figuring out what to do with his life, and how a missed promise to watch the LA Marathon led to his first marathon in New York that turned into a passion and career.

In addition to his story of hard work and persistence Coach GP shares knowledge from his career including:

  • Why your running form is critical to your success as a runner
  • What it means to “Run Tall, Run Easy”
  • Breathing cadence – what it is and how to harness it for success
  • How to determine a good day from pushing the pace too much too early
  • Remaining in control during a race
  • Why science should not be the only focus of your training
  • Learning how to run by feel
  • Differentiating between hard work and compulsive training

Plus, if you have a marathon or other goal race on the horizon you won’t want to miss his immediately actionable advice that he delivers to runners across the country in making final preparations and for race day itself.

Quick Tip

I share strategies for tackling hills making them an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Links Mentioned in the Show

Running Buzz – Coach GP’s Website
Run Tall, Run Easy – Coach GP’s Running Bio mechanics Book
Team Boomer – Charity for Cystic Fibrosis that Coach GP coaches for

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