JasonHartmannJason Hartmann has enjoyed much success through running and still continues to improve recently posting a new half-marathon PR of 61:51 in NYC.

After becoming the captain of his high school cross country team that featured not only himself but also Dathan Ritzenhein he went onto successful running in college and a career as an American elite runner.

Some of his accomplishments include becoming a six-time All-American at the University of Oregon, a 4-time Olympic trials qualifier, winner of the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon, and for the last two years the top American finisher at the Boston Marathon finishing 4th overall in both 2012 and 2013.

In this episode Jason and I discuss not only his background and his career but dive into his training philosophies including:

  • How he structures his training
  • His current cross-training activities of choice
  • Remaining calm and collected before, during and after races
  • The process of formulating a race day strategy
  • His mantra when things start to hurt
  • Running in hot weather
  • Overcoming adversity and coming back from missing big goals

We also cover some additional topics including:

  • How to avoid beating yourself in the final weeks before a marathon
  • Tips for the final days leading up to a race
  • His most important workout before a half-marathon
  • How his height of 6’3 impacts his running
  • What’s next in his career

This episode offers a great insight into the preparation and training habits of a top American elite runner and he offers ways it can translate into your own running.

Quick Tip

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Links Mentioned in the Show

@JasonRHartmann – Follow Jason on Twitter
temporunapp.com – More information on the TempoRun App
iOS TempoRun App – Download the app from the Apple App Store

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