bob-schwartzBob Schwartz is an award winning humorist and a lifelong runner for more than 40 years.

While there is a lot of information published on the sport of running from training, nutrition and scientific perspectives little to nothing existed chronicling the true thoughts of runners everywhere until Bob published his first book I Run, Therefore I Am Nuts in 2001.

His collection of humorous and satirical essays on various running topics proved so popular that he has followed it up with a sequel releasing I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts in 2012.

While we share some laughs in this episode, we focus on maintaining perspective and not taking your running so seriously all of the time. Most of the time is allowable.

In this episode Bob and I discuss:

  • How to figure out what works for you
  • The importance of sticking to what works for you
  • Approaching your running as “an experiment of one”
  • How he overcame a decade of injuries in his 40s
  • The importance of variety in your training
  • The importance of perspective
  • Running perspectives as you age
  • Taking time to enjoy running for what it is

Blog-I-Run-CoverI Run Therefore I Am STILL Nuts brings out the humor in situations that every runner can relate to:

  • Suffering from RWIA, otherwise known as Running Watch Information Addiction
  • The addictive nature of High Intensity Interval Training
  • The depths of despair upon learning your favorite shoe will be discontinued
  • Embracing the saving grace of age graded race time calculators
  • Attempting to run with a reluctant canine companion
  • Trying out running in the oxymoron of barefoot shoes

Whether you are just getting acquainted with the joys of running, or you can recite the brand and model number of your last twelve running shoe purchases, you’ll identify with this book. Allow Bob to replace your side stitches with stitches from laughter and get you into your target heart rate zone via tickling your funny bone.

Quick Tip

I share my thoughts on taking a holistic approach to your running to avoid stressing out over big workouts on your training schedule in the future or a workout that didn’t go as planned.

KellyMcBrideWinnerSigned Book Giveaway Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kelly McBride of Lexington, IL who won the giveaway of a signed copy of Bob’s book I Run, Therefore I am Still Nuts!

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