MattandKathrineSwitzerFew in running have made the profound impact that Kathrine Switzer has made on the sport.  She is perhaps the most important figure in running other than Pheidippides who made that first 26 mile journey in ancient Greece.

She came from humble beginnings as a slow runner joining the men’s cross country team at Syracuse University as no women’s team existed.  That soon led to her desire to run the Boston Marathon.

Her persistence brought her to Hopkinton leading to her now famous moment in the 1967 Boston Marathon where she barely evaded physical removal from the marathon by race director Jock Semple.

That moment became the catalyst that later allowed her to focus her efforts in creating women’s racing events around the world that ultimately led to the inclusion of the women’s marathon in the Olympic Games.  She has devoted her life to empowering women to have opportunities in running and in life.

In this episode, you’ll live the moment in Boston that changed the marathon through her own words.


Hear her reaction, fears and thoughts as she crossed the finish line as the first official female finisher of the race and what it meant to women everywhere.

She also shares her wisdom from decades of training and championing causes that have literally changed the world.  Her belief is that just having opportunity changes lives.  Everyone can be their own hero in their life.

If you think training in tough conditions is hard today, wait until you hear how she prepared during the winter of 1966-67 for the 1967 Boston Marathon.  She shares her thoughts on training in adverse conditions.

If the Boston Marathon is in your future or if you hope to qualify for it someday, you’ll hear her advice for training effectively and crushing it on race day.

Kathrine’s story is sure to inspire you.

Quick Tip

In the quick tip, I share a way to treat pain from injury or muscle soreness using things you already have around your home.

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