Every January 1 it is the same rigmarole:

  • What are your New Year’s resolutions?
  • How to stick to New Year’s resolutions?
  • Why this year is the year!

You will undoubtedly see countless recycled articles across newspapers and fitness blogs rehashing these same tired topics.  When I see these articles I can’t click the back button fast enough!

Sadly, most dream and talk but never come close to attaining what they really want.  A perfect example of this is your local health club. Each December the health club is mostly deserted except for the regulars.  You may have noticed this recently if you go year round as I do.

On January 1st, there is an abrupt change as a flood of new members join. Many gym regulars dread this time of year and even have a name for these people: resolutioners.

The resolutioners pack the place for about 3 weeks and then as quickly as they came, they are gone.

A second surge comes about a week before spring break vacations as these same people feeling guilty for not using their gym membership attempt to obtain massive results in just 1 week before their vacation.

You already know what happens.

A New Year’s resolution represents the difference between where you are and where you want to be. In the middle there is this “gap”.  The gap is the action required to accomplish the goal.

All of the focus is on the outcome that is desired rather than what are the motivations behind it.  When it comes time to put in the hard work, without having deeper motivations for it you are set up to fail.

As 2013 dawns, my message to you is Don’t Be A Resolutioner!  Be committed to a healthy active lifestyle instead.

In this episode, I’ll share with you why setting goals alone is not enough to accomplish what you desire to in your running and instead share a different approach that is more likely to keep you on track.

I’ll also share two common reasons new runners that take up running use as a reason to start that have a poor track record of success and instead share reasons that are more likely to be successful.

Quick Tip

When running in cold weather, do you find yourself getting too warm on the first half of your run only to feel chilled on the way back?  I’ll share a tip for remaining comfortable throughout and avoiding this common scenario.

Links Mentioned in the Show

runneracademy.com/join – Runner Academy Membership

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