Jim grew up as a non-athlete – almost anything sports related was alien to him, and his body.  It wasn’t until the 1980s that he discovered running through his role model and older brother.  In a personal challenge from his brother, Jim trained for his first marathon, completing the Los Angeles Marathon in March 1989.

Since his first marathon in 1989, he has completed a marathon in all 50 states, and now has a total of 89 marathons under his belt on his way to 100 marathons.  He is actively involved in his running group and a member of the Colorado Runners Association.

Jim Lynch - One Foot In Front Of The OtherHe is now sharing his life stories and how running defined him in his upcoming and anticipated book, One Foot in Front of the Other, which will be published in the spring 2013.  His hope is that this book will inspire and motivate, and allow others to reflect a little and become a champion in their own life.

Jim and I chat about his humble beginnings in running.  We then talk about the high points – the experience of his first marathon, the way running has positively impacted his life along with crossing the finish line in completing a marathon in all 50 states.

We also go into the low points – coming back from an injury that he was told would end his running and times he wanted to give up.

We’ll also talk about how he runs marathons with short intervals between them, how he stays injury free and motivated.

He’ll also share details of his upcoming book that is sure to inspire you to make running part of your lifestyle rather than just a focus on a temporary goal.

Jim has found how running can bring you personal and professional fulfillment and leads a better life because of it.

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I share training strategies to stay on track and improve your running during the winter months.

Links Mentioned In The Show

authorjimlynch.com – Jim’s Website – read the first chapter from his upcoming book
@authorjimlynch – Follow Jim on Twitter

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