HildaOn this episode of Runner Academy podcast I interview Hilda Marin.

Hilda has been running on and off with a small group of friends for several years but never committed to a race or structured training. That all changed in January 2012 when she set a goal to run two 5K races.

Just a month later she hadn’t yet run more than 3 miles but committed to the Chicago Marathon while also taking on the challenge of raising money for charity.  Quite an ambitious change in goals!

Hear the story of Hilda’s journey thus far as we approach race day for her first marathon including how she has overcome a common running injury, lessons learned from training thus far and her approach to completing her first marathon.

If you are in a similar place or thinking of having a marathon in your future, you will learn some great tips to get through the rigors of training.

Quick Tip

In the quick tip, have a busy weekend coming up?  Don’t let that derail your long run or key workout of the week.  I’ll share strategies to accommodate both.


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